Turistes americans

"They spent their first days in Morocco failing to buy hash. Their guidebook listed the location of a bar in Tétouan where hash could be easily scored but included a warning,  at the bottom of the same page, comparing Moroccan prisons to the Turkish jail in Midnight Express. Finally, in the small village of Chaouen, they came into their hotel to find two Danes sitting in the lobby, with a softball-size chunk of hash on the table in front of them. Mitchell and Larry spent the next days gloriously stoned. They wandered the narrow beehive streets, listening to the muezzins’ emotional cries, and drank green glasses of mint tea in the town square. Chaouen was painted light blue to blend in with the sky. Even the flies couldn't find it.

It was in Morocco that they realized their backpacks were a mistake. (…) Backpacks were unwieldy. They marked you as a tourist. Even if you weren't an overweight waddling American, with a backpack on you were."

Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot

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  1. Ostres, que curiós! me'l van regalar per sant jordi, ja que Middlesex d'Eugenides és un dels meus llibres preferits i feia temps que aquest home no escribia res...però el tinc a la cua de llibres per llegir ;) Què t'ha semblat? i en anglès? que valenta!

    1. Doncs a mi em va agradar molt, però "Middlesex" no l'he llegit, així que no puc comparar. Té punts molt bons. Em va sorprendre trobar-me aquest passatge, perquè en realitat té poca cosa a veure amb l'argument: podrien passar per Xauen o per Tombuctú.
      Quan te'l llegeixes, ja m'ho diràs!


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